We brew Super Tonics with adaptogenic botanicals from the Canadian boreal forest

Delicious functional SuperTonics crafted with adaptogenic botanicals from the boreal forest and energizing chaga, focusing lion’s mane and relaxing reishi.

What you drink matters

All of the good stuff, none of the bad. Yes to 100% plant based, yes to adaptogens, yes to eco-friendly packaging, no to sugar, sweeteners and alcohol.

Shop Our Collection of adaptogenic drinks

The energetic one

Wild harvested Canadian chaga, blueberry and herbaceous spruce.

The focused one

Real lion's mane, botanical juniper and refreshing sumac.

The relaxed one

Adaptogenic reishi, beautifully floral elderberry and gentle birch.

The discovery pack

2 cans of each so you can try them all.

What people are saying

“What a cool and unique flavour and concept, we love it.”

Karolina Rzadkowolska

“Your brew is delicious and I will be ordering more soon.”

Innis McGuiness

“I can’t get over this. The nose just blows me away. It might be one of the best drinks I’ve ever had.”

Sam Reinhart

What Makes us special?

Made with real functional mushrooms

Our drinks are all crafted in small batches with real functional and adaptogenic mushrooms.

No sugar, no sweeteners, keto friendly

We're relying on the brightness of our natural ingredients to deliver amazing flavours.

Amazing flavours from natural ingredients

Our drinks taste amazing, flavoured with berries and botanicals from Canada's boreal forests.

Zero calories

Because we don't use sugar in our drinks, they contain zero calories, unlike kombucha, beer or wine.

Contains 0% alcohol

Our brewing process produces no alcohol at any time, making our drinks suitable for all people.

100% plant based

We do not use any animal or animal derived ingredients in any of our drinks, making them vegan friendly.

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